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In 2010 I founded an online ecommerce business in Germany. To get traffic on the website I ran TV commercials on the biggest german private TV channels of ProSiebenSAT1 group. In order to land better targeted traffic at no cost, I learned about SEO. I started working for twago.com (exited to Randstat) in the SEO department to improve my SEO skillset. In 2012, the mobile App landscape was still young and I started working for an new App (pre-launch) called Dailypresent, a personalised Ad-experience company.

In 2014 I joined the Rocket Internet backed startup “Wimdu” in Berlin where I had the chance to learn SEO from consultants such as Philipp Klöckner, Fili Wiese and Dan Petrovic. Later in 2016 I moved to Amsterdam to work as a Product Manager in SEO at Booking.com where I later became the Head of SEO, building product-lead SEO strategies.

In 2022 I moved to Frankfurt to take on a VP role at Permira in the digital portfolio team, where I support companies to grow.

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About Julian Redlich

I’m supporting Permira’s portfolio companies (such as mobile.de, ebay-kleinanzeigen.de, catawiki.com, mcafee.com, Dr. Martens, Golden Goose, Flixbus, boats.com, …) with product and performance marketing guidance.

I love talking about product-driven SEO, building webplatforms, Marketing automation, corporate & start-up life.

Julian Redlich

VP @ Permira | Private Equity
Julian Redlich Business Picture (Taken by Permira)

Companies I worked with

Over the past decade I worked with companies in different roles, ranging from Freelancing, Founding, Advising or being an FTE.

Julian Redlich Interview Permira about SEO, VCP &  Private Equity / Investor SEO


VP at Private Equity firm Permira. Focusing on value creation through performance marketing within the Portfolio org.

Previously the Global Head of SEO @Booking.com. Former Senior Product Manager of the SEO Core Team, SEO Infra Team & Team Lead or the SEO Consulting/Analysis team @ Booking.com. Leading the product vision and development efforts for a set of over >100M landing pages for all demand channels (paid/organic) with a team of developers, designers and copywriters.

Realizing typical product tasks such as vision and OKR setting, facilitating planning sessions, brainstormings and process management in an agile environment to empower the team having their greatest impact (helping customers by providing relevant information to their search query).
Running demand analysis and customer research to define experiment hypothesis for Build-Measure-Learn cycle and validating via A/B testing framework.
Creating awareness within the company about customer intent and the specifics to ‘Search’ by providing internal presentations and educational material.

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Julian Redlich is an experienced marketing and product professional who has worked in various roles in product development and organic marketing. Before joining Permira as a VP in the Portfolio Digital Team in 2022, he spent six years at Booking.com in Amsterdam, where he worked in different product roles, managing development and product organisations, ran thousands of A/B experiments, and lead the global SEO strategy for a set of over 600 million landing pages in 45 languages.

Before that, he worked at various companies in the Berlin startup scene, mostly online marketplaces and Apps, one of which was Wimdu GmbH, an OTA backed by Rocket Internet. Julian has also founded two startups, including an ecommerce site and a meal delivery subscription service. Julian’s passion for innovation and technology extends beyond his professional life. In his free time, he enjoys playing board games with friends and exploring Virtual Reality Metaverses. With his expertise in SEO, product development and entrepreneurship, Julian is well-equipped to help teams build and scale their customer centric SEO Marketing strategy.

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