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I'm building scalable SEO solutions for the biggest e-commerce websites in the World

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Senior Product Owner (SEO & Landing Pages) @
Future oriented, measurable, customer centric SEO solutions

Senior Product Manager of the SEO Core (Development) and SEO Consultancy & Analysis Team within the Performance Marketing track of Leading the product vision and development efforts for a set of over >100M landing pages for all demand channels (paid/organic) with a team of developers, designers, analysts, marketing manager and copywriters. Optimizing the landing experience for established and new verticals like accommodations, flights, attractions & rental cars. Identifying and sizing organic growth opportunities, building customer centric SEO strategies and driving execution of such. Realising typical product tasks such as vision and OKR setting, facilitating planning sessions, brainstormings and process management in an agile environment to empower the team having their greatest impact (helping customers by providing relevant information to their search query). Running demand analysis and customer research to define experiment hypothesis for Build-Measure-Learn cycle and validating via A/B testing framework.

  • Website structure

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  • E-Commerce SEO

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Thoughts on SEO & Machine Learning

I'm writing about how one can make use of machine learning in the context of SEO.