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young. precise. agile.

My Focus

Get things right - just from the beginning.

Technical Writing

User focused

Future Oriented

Website health

I'm building scalable SEO solutions for the biggest e-commerce websites in the World

About me

Product Owner (SEO & Landing Pages) @
Future oriented, measurable, customer centric SEO solutions

A selection of tasks I fulfilled in past positions:
- working in an Agile environment
- fulfill technical requirements
- Technical writing
- Planning/Leading projects
- Website structure
- Global SEO strategies
- Ranking improvements while working with big data
- Markup using HTML
- Website health
- Coordinating task with Product Department
- Database SQL

  • Website structure

  • Improvements

  • E-Commerce SEO

  • On- & Offpage


Who worked with me?

Thoughts on SEO & Machine Learning

I'm writing about how one can make use of machine learning in the context of SEO.

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